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of a Stone Paladin

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Riely Shadowborne.

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Alana Shadowborne.

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Uthali Shadowborne, with me, Kunziet Wovenstone.

I don't have pictures of Fleance or Dioclese.
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The sun was setting over the shingled rooftops of Stormwind City, and most people were closing up shop and making their way home. Anyone that happened to be in the Dwarven Districts at this time saw a hurried pair approaching the whirling entrance to the trams. It appeared to be an awkwardly tall child and a bundled old woman. The girl seemed in such a hurry she was leading the ancient hunched figure faster than the woman could hobble. The pair stopped in front of the tunnel as the little girl exclaimed, "Go straight home, Grandma, and I will go straight home too!" she laughed four counts and the old woman wobbled, coughing twice, through the metal entrance.

The old woman was alone now, sitting on a bench, uncomfortably slumped, as she waited for the next tram. She had stayed later in Stormwind than she had planed too, and all these extra precautions she had to take! She was starting to become used to being called "Grandma!" With a slight "huff" the old woman stood up, the last tram of the night was here, and the tattered blanket that she had draped over her silvery hair fell to her shoulders, reveling that she was not a she, and not a human, as his pointed ears came free. The lose of his disguise didn't seem to bother the pale elf, he was glad to be free to stand upright and he happily stepped onto the tram, he didn't see any other passengers, why did he need to hide what he was now?

As the tram set in motion, the elf sat down to peer into his accompanying cat carrier. The fluffy orange kitten was sleeping, it was just a baby after all, so he decided not to wake it. He had set the carrier down and was beginning to stand up when he felt someone place a hand on his shoulder. No one had been here, and their was no way someone could have snuck on as the tram was in motion! The elf span around to come face to face with the amused smirk of another elf.

"What'er ya doin' here?!" laughed the stranger in strangely accented Common.

The pale elf was too shocked to speak, he hadn't seen another elf like him, sure there where the bigger, purpler ones, but this one was, like him, green eyed and lithe. "Err.. Going home." He managed to say after a moment.

The sneaky stranger seems quite amused as he took a small rune from his pocket, "Ya sure seem ta be a long way from our home, then! Are ya lost'er something?" As he waited for the dumbfounded pale elf to answer he whispered to the rune.

"Lost?" No, he wasn't lost, he didn't think he was lost. He had taken this same tram home from training several times before. But, what if he had gotten on the wrong tram by mistake? Was there a wrong tram? He didn't know! He had only taken the one! And he had never seen this elf before, who seemed to know what he was talking about. "I think I might be lost!" gasped the pale elf.

"I thought so! Haha!" He spoke again into the rune, it was the language Masiel had been trying to teach the pale elf, so he could understand a few of the delicate sounding words. "Ready ---- you ---!"

The pale elf stared as the other elf took his hand. "What are you doing?"

"Pick up ya cat, and ya'll go first. I'll meet ya wit' my brothers a moment after ya arrive."

He obeyed, and soon he was forced to let go of the stranger's hand, he felt a strange tug in his stomach and closed his eyes as he became dizzy, the ground beneath him gone. When he heard new voices and felt sold earth again he slowly opened his eyes, taking in three other elves, in a wood surrounded clearing. "Who are you.. And where are we?"

The elves did not answer, instead the oldest looking one pushed the pale elf behind him and brought his arm up, a twisting purple void broke into the air, and after the other two brought their own arms to it, the void was gone and in it's place stood the amused, sneaky elf that had been on the tram earlier.

"Welcome home! Well... Ta my home at least! It's much better than where ya were, ya don't have to dress up like an old woman to go out, and ya can talk naturally now!"

The oldest looking one, the one with his black hair pulled tightly back and fiery green eyes snickered and spoke those beautiful words the pale elf could hardly understand, "He ------- ---- a woman?" He then turned to the pale elf and extended his thin, scared hand, "Riely Shadowborne. Warlock, and master of your new home."

The pale elf took the man hand, understanding the last bit, spoken in Orcish, Masiel had had more time to teach the basics of such a simple language to him. "Kunziet.." He paused a moment, rubbing the soar skin at his lower back, then smiled, "Wovenstone."
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Nothh is very strange. He seems to think it's Winter Veil.

I've been keeping company with some of the lone statues in Silvermoon City.

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